When should I get my dog spayed?

About twice a year your dog will go into heat.

This means essentially they are having their period, much like women do every month. This is where the interior of the uterus breaks down and a new lining replaces it.

This can be an uncomfortable time for your dog, this can be painful and cause discomfort. Owners should also be aware that during this period your dog will be letting off a huge amount of pheromones and will be at their peak fertility wise. It’s advisable that unless you want puppies to keep an eye on her during this period.

For more information on the duration of the heat cycle, read this article:

How should I care for my dog?

The first thing a dog owner should do is invest in hygine pants, these are devices that hold a sanitary pad in place preventing blood dripping around your home.

Ensure your dog has an Iron rich diet, this can be done naturally with red meat in the diet or supplements designed for animals. Iron is used in the production of blood and will ensure your dog has all the nutrients she needs to heal herself.

Long term, owners should also look into spaying their dogs. Ideally this would have been done while the dog is young before this happens but it’s never too late. Life is busy.

Spaying removed the uterus, therefore stopping your dog ever from going through this again as well as removing the chance of your of your dog becoming pregnant.