How to Promote a Business Blog

The difference between promoting a business blog or your own is actually quite similar in nature; you’ll be using many of the same tactics in either case. Before you set out to promote your business blog, be sure to create great content so people that visit have a reason to stay; once you’re ready, use the following promotional tips to help send visitors to your business blog.

Tip: Share on social media

Social media is a wonderful platform to gain attention and traffic to your site. Join up on social media websites where your market frequently visits; begin building a following by helping others and later sprinkle your links in the community back to your blog.

Tip: Build backlinks

The more backlinks you can build to your blog the higher it will rank. Besides writing content to get indexed, you can also try out social bookmarking, guest posting, directory submission and many other backlink tactics which are freely explained around the web. Try to build backlinks to your blog almost every day; it may only take a few minutes on each site – aim for about 5 – 10 backlinks if possible.

Tip: Write great content

As explained right from the beginning, your business blog should be full of great content so when visitors do come to your site they will have something to discover and potential share with others. Write about various things about your business such as community events, new product releases and how customers can utilize your products and services to their greatest extent.

Tip: Network with influential people

Networking can greatly determine how well your blog does online; if you network with the right people that have influence within a community you will gain a lot more traffic. Seek out others within your market that have a large following; reach out to them and try working together to help each other online.

Tip: Include it in your newsletter

If you’ve been building an email list for your marketing efforts, you can also use it as a way to send traffic to your blog. Instead of filling each email up with content, you could create short, helpful ones where they can learn the rest over at your business’s blog. Take your existing customer list and ask each person if they would like to join your newsletter; create an opt-in for new visitors to subscribe and you’ll quickly build an email list for traffic and sales generation.