Concrete Speakers

Nils Landgren about Musique Concrete Products

“Musique Concrete is not only refering to the material the speakers are made of but also to the stunning ultimate sound, being just that, concrete. I have never in my life heard Chet Baker sound so good! If you are looking for concrete sound, check out these guys, they are the best in the business and we will be using them for all our live performances for the foreseeable future.”

Nils Landgren, musician & producer

Cement, Water, Sand…

These materials have been around since the Romans first used them over 2500 years ago and this is what we use at Musique Concrete. Offering amazing flexibility in design, and rock hard stability we are able to create sound as the producers meant it, on a huge scale from outstanding home audio, to full on touring sound systems.

Through years of experience we have perfected the art of audio, in materials which will last you a lifetime. Our intention is to deliver authentic and crisp audio, rich in detail. We live for sound, it is our mission.

Materials and Construction

3 simple ingrediants go into all our speakers…

Cement, Water, Sand. This is all we use, and all we need to create perfect audio. Resilient, durable and pourable, concrete is perfect and can be made into almost any form and it’s resistant to vibration thanks to it’s outstanding density, which is perfect for us.

Unlike the body of a musical instrument, good loudspeaker housing should not vibrate, as modern drivers (the actual loudspeaker in the box) today render the full sound spectrum linearly. But if the housing itself does vibrate due to its construction or materials (wood, plastic), then those vibrations affect performance by amplifying or diminishing certain sympathetic frequencies within the sound spectrum. It is a complicated physical process with a simple and clearly audible consequence:

The music does not sound original, it sounds distorted and unnatural. Here, the difference with musical instruments is clear. It is desirable that the natural resonant frequencies of a violin body should colour the instruments sound. It is only in this way that timbre comes to distinguish a Stradivarius from other violins. The only sound that should be heard from a good loudspeaker is the input signal, nothing more and nothing less.