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Business Profiles for Small Business Marketing

Small business owners are constantly looking out for low-cost and effective methods of marketing. Some entrepreneurs will try every trick in the book to ensure their business is doing everything it can to attract new customers. Now business owners can add business profiles to their marketing arsenal. The most basic ways to get the word

How to Market a Nonprofit Organization

At first, the idea of marketing a nonprofit sounds like an oxymoron. Marketing in the business world is done to produce a profit. The reality is that nonprofits are a business that must produce enough revenue to pay needed employees and perform a service to society. This means although the goal is not to generate

How to Advertise Rental Property

The real estate business is a funny business. Landlords are continually finding new ways to market their properties to potential buyers. If you own a property that you are trying to rent out or lease to people, then there are some important things that you should consider about your advertising. Ultimately, the perfect advertising plan