3 hacks for removing dog hair

Most people who have pets complain about the same thing, mess.

They are animals, they are messy. They are meant to be messy and they will always be messy… but there are things we can do about that. I myself have 2 Labradors, who sadly like to leave hair everywhere from the carpet to the couch.

The ultimate solution for this is a pet vacuum, an extremely powerful hand held vacuum with a filter to trap and collect pet hair. But for those people who do not have one of these take a look at my 3 tips for removing dog hair from your life.

1. Use a Damp Sponge or Rubber Gloves on Upholstered Furniture

Looking for a simple way to get pet hair off your furniture? Use a damp sponge or rubber gloves (dryer sheets work too). Dog hair clings to rubber gloves or a damp sponge like magic.

2. A Humidifier Can Help Keep Hair From Sticking to Surfaces

Having a humidifier is really nice in the winter for those of us in cold climates, but they can also help with pet hair. They not only help keep your skin hydrated, they can also keep loose fur from clinging to surfaces.

3. Use a Roll of Tape to Pick Up Loose Pet Hairs

How many times have you been headed out the door for work in the morning only to notice you’ve got dog hair all over you? Yeah, it happens to me all the time too. My solution? Keep a roll of packing or duct tape by the door for all those “where the heck did all this hair come from? I just changed 10 minutes ago” moments.

I’ve got a roll of packing tape sitting in my kitchen drawer that’s used exclusively for snagging dog hair from clothes and furniture. Lint rollers also work — but they do run out much faster. I also also like to wrap packing tape around my hand and go around picking off all those fur stragglers on the furniture a few times a week. It’s not pretty but it works damn well.